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What You Need To Know About Metal Shelves

We all need storage space for various reasons however the space can be difficult to come by if there is no room for expansion. This should not worry you because you can fix metal shelves

on the walls and corners of your house thus create space. Metal shelves offer ideal storage space as it is able to hold up heavy items. For people who deal with heavy machinery for example vehicle spare parts and industrial machines they will find metal shelves suitable for their storage needs. These shelves compared to the wood shelves are much cheaper and long lasting therefore, you do not have to keep on replacing them from time to time. Metal shelves are also easy to maintain. You need to paint them at least once every six months to prevent rust from accumulating on the shelves. Choosing metal shelves is not as difficult as people think it is. Firstly, you should be able to determine the main purpose of the metal shelves. The shelves come in different shapes and sizes with each having a different role to play. Metal shelves for home use will be much smaller because the load it is expected to carry is not that heavy compared to shelves that are to be used for industrial purposes. For an industrial setting, the shelves have to be able to carry very heavy loads as well as withstand corrosion from chemicals.

Tips On Maintain Metal Shelves

As much as these shelves are made out of metal and they seem to be strong enough to withstand any damages, they also need to be maintained at some point in their economic life. Rust is metal’s number one enemy therefore, measures have to be put in place to ensure it does not get out of hand. Rust thrives in areas where there is high humidity and moisture hence when fixing metal shelves in such environments you should also install rubber covers at the base of the metal shelves. The rubber covers prevent moisture from settling on the shelf thus reducing the chances of rust occurring. Another way to maintain the shelves is by painting. By painting the shelves, you add another coating to the shelf that prevents rust from corroding the metal sheet of the shelves. Painting should be done at least once a year especially if the metal shelves are located in wet places such as bathrooms.Metal shelves

Easy steps on how to paint metal shelves

Many people find it hard to paint any surface let alone metal shelves hence they end up hiring a painter to do the job for them. The following are easy steps that you can follow when painting metal shelves and other surfaces that may need painting.  Even before you dip the brush into the paint, you should first consider whether the metal shelves are to be located inside the house or outside. This is done so at to determine the type of paint to be used. The next step is to clean the surface of the metal shelves. Cleaning the surface ensures that no objects will prevent the primer from settling on the metal sheet. Once the primer has completely dried, the next step is to apply the paint of your choice but be sure to read the instructions thoroughly.

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